Immerse yourself in the vivid and dynamic world of our African wallpaper collection. Inspired by the rich textures and vibrant patterns inherent to Africa’s diverse cultures, these wallpapers are not just a design choice, they’re a statement. And the best part? Our wallpapers are completely removable. Change them as often as you like, transforming your space in minutes.

A world of color and design is at your fingertips, offering an easy and effective way to personalize your space. Journey into the heart of Africa with our removable wallpaper collection, as you infuse your home with the spirit and essence of the continent’s mesmerizing beauty.

By simply clicking on the images of the wallpapers that catch your eye, you’ll be taken directly to the Etsy shop page where you can purchase them. It’s just a click away!

Giraffe print wallpaper
Boho wallpaper
Boho african wallpaper
Paisley wallpaper

Giraffe mosaic – ochre

African geo – ochre

Mudcloth plaid – black and white

African baskets – ochre

african wallpaper

African animals – terracotta

Custom design


If you like a design, but you want it in a different color or scale, please contact me! I am happy to customize it for you.