Experience the allure of the ocean with our exclusive Coastal Wallpaper collection. Specially curated to bring the tranquil, refreshing vibe of the sea right into your living space, our wallpapers are a breath of fresh air. Each design is offered as removable wallpaper, making it ideal for temporary installations or frequent décor changes. 

By simply clicking on the images of the wallpapers that catch your eye, you’ll be taken directly to the Etsy shop page where you can purchase them. It’s just a click away!

Coastal wallpaper
Coastal wallpaper neutral
Coastal wallpaper blue
Coastal wallpaper

Lobsters and stripes – white and blue

Palm trees – neutral

Lobsters and seashells – white and blue

Seashells – white and blue

Black and white wallpaper

Lobster and seashells – black and white