Dive into our fascinating world of Animal Wallpaper, where beauty and design collide to create a dynamic focal point in any room. Our collection transcends the ordinary with its vivid details and breathtaking designs.

All our wallpapers are removable, making them perfect not just for homeowners, but also for renters and decor enthusiasts who love to switch things up.

By simply clicking on the images of the wallpapers that catch your eye, you’ll be taken directly to the Etsy shop page where you can purchase them. It’s just a click away!

Highland cow wallpaper
Butterfly wall decor
Vintage butterfly wallpaper
Leopard wallpaper

Highland cows – black and white

Dark academia butterflies – charcoal

Vintage butterflies – black and white

Leopards – black

Butterfly wallpaper
Cat wall paper
animal wallpaper
Black cat wall paper

Vintage butterflies – teal blue

Tabby cat – blue

Leopard print – orange and blue

Black cats and poppy flowers

Custom design


If you like a design, but you want it in a different color or scale, please contact me! I am happy to customize it for you.