Elevate the aesthetics of your living space with our eclectic collection of plaid and checkered wallpaper. We have carefully curated this selection with a broad range of design options that can instantly transform and breathe life into your walls.

What sets us apart is our unique range of removable wallpaper. If you are a renter, you know the struggle of wanting to personalize your space but also the need to keep it damage-free.

By simply clicking on the images of the wallpapers that catch your eye, you’ll be taken directly to the Etsy shop page where you can purchase them. It’s just a click away!

Plaid wallpaper
Checkered wallpaper

Woven plaid – mustard

Checkerboard – red and orange

Custom design


If you like a design, but you want it in a different color or scale, please contact me! I am happy to customize it for you.