Discover a new world of interior styling with our botanical wallpaper collection. Each design brings the beauty of nature right into your living space, transforming it into a serene and enchanting environment.

What’s more, our wallpaper is renter-friendly; it’s easy to apply, remove, and won’t leave any damage or residue on your walls. Refresh your home decor and create your own botanical sanctuary right here, right now.

By simply clicking on the images of the wallpapers that catch your eye, you’ll be taken directly to the Etsy shop page where you can purchase them. It’s just a click away!

Modern botanical wallpaper
Black botanical wallpaper
Botanical wallpaper
Green botanical wallpaper

Japandi botanical – earth tones

Wildflower meadow – cream and black

Wildflower meadow – dark blue

Vintage botanical – olive green

Kitchen wallpaper
Vintage botanical wallpaper
Boho wallpaper

Botanical tiles – muted purple

Botanical leafs – beige

Japandi circles – indigo blue

Custom design


If you like a design, but you want it in a different color or scale, please contact me! I am happy to customize it for you.