Styling a summer tablescape: 2 different ways

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A beautifull outdoor tablesetting, the perfect recipe to enjoy all those delicious summer dishes! A big table with mediterranean dishes, seafood, … or a family barbecue. Let the summer begin! In this article you will find inspiration for styling the table outside, 2x different.

How to style the table for outdoor dining? What mood and colors do you want to include in your tablescape? A cosy barbecue on sunday with the whole family? Then choose your table settting. During day-time, these colors come fully into their own. At an evening dinner in a casual holiday atmosphere with friends, you will certainly score with a set table in bohemian style. Therefore you can opt-in for the second table setting. Pick your table linen, dishware and collect some matching decorations. And start to style!

Colorful table with bright, vibrant flowers

Tablescape outdoor

For this table styling I chose a summery floral print. The print is made with illustrations of hand-painted flowers in gouache. The bright colors and artistic flowers give your table a festive touch. If you have a beautiful garden table and you don’t want to hide it completely under the tablecloth, placemats are the solution. These florals are a nice contrast to the warm wood of the table. The napkins are placed loosely on the plate.


1) Fill a shallow dish with water and place some flowers in it. You get the best result when u use the same colors from the table linen in the flower arrangement.
Budget tip: use the flowers you can find in your own garden.

2) Fill a couple of vases with flowers and place them on each end of the table.

3) For the candles we have used a soft green here, so that not all decorations stand out equally. This softens the look a bit.

4) The old-colored cutlery adds a chic look, which creates a nice contrast with the print on the placemats.

5) The finishing touch: for some extra pop of color, I used a bright pink straw and finished with a fresh strawberry. Enjoy your meal!


garden party decorations
Fabric placemat


SHOP THE LOOK // Floral tablescape




Tablescape bohemian style

Bohemian table styling

Curated table linen collection Paisley

For a table setting in boho style, we use an ethnically tinted tablecloth with paisley print. For a set table in boho style, we use an ethnically tinted tablecloth with a paisley print. Typical of the paisley is the teardrop shape, with details of stylized floral motifs. The saffron, yellow color refers to the natural earth tones, so you get an instant holiday feeling in your own garden! Use layers by placing one fabric on top of the other. In this setting I used placemats with the same print, but in a different color. The white in the placemats is freshing things up a little bit. By working with layers your table gets a cozy look.

The decoration at this table has been kept somewhat minimalistic, because the print itself is already very bright and colorful. For a bohemian table styling I use dried flowers, these are slightly less pronounced in color than fresh flowers. You get the best result if you match the color of the flowers to the colors in the tablecloth: light pink, dusty pink, white, purple and saffron.


1) Place a row of small mini vases on the middle table line and fill them with dried flowers. Tie a vintage, crocheted ribbon in old pink (or another shade matching the print) loosely around the vase.

2) The light pink candles also have a ribbon, but in a slightly darker color than the candle.

3) For the napkins I choose for the saffron print because it’s a nice contrast with the white of the plate. The napkins are tied together with a hemp string and finished with a tuft of dried flowers.
Tip: Cloth dinner napkins elevate your table styling so much more than paper napkins. These washable napkins are also much more durable and eco-friendly, you can reuse them every time.

4) Also with this table styling gold-colored cutlery, here it gives an extra warm glow to the table.

5) The finishing touch: vintage glassware


SHOP THE LOOK // Bohemian tablescape




Bring out those tapas dishes, because this is sure to be a long, hot summer evening!


SHOP THE LOOK // Colorful, vibrant table setting with bold flowers

Curated collection of table linen for outdoor dining with bold flowers


SHOP THE LOOK // Bohemian tablescape

Curated collection of table linen for outdoor dining in boho style

Styling a summer tablescape: 2 different ways

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